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I wanted to highlight my research at the University of Toledo and felt an article with International Innovation would describe my research activities quite thoroughly to a broader community. Working with the Research Media team was straight forward and in particular, correspondence with Rebecca was prompt and accurate. Once produced I gave copies of the publication to the Chair of my Department and the Dean of my College. The Dean asked for another copy to give the President of the University, who usually brings such items to the attention of the Board of Trustees. Since members of the administration are now aware of the activities of Research Media and are impressed with International Innovation, they are likely to request other faculty members to contribute when contacted. Locally the community of Toledo are now more aware of my work and Research Media's international reach may lead to further interactions through collaborations and the like.
Research Professor
University of Toledo, USA
It was a very pleasant experience working with Research media, one which I undertook to distribute my research to a wider community. International Innovation certainly reaches a wider audience compared to the usual space science journals, although at first I was reluctant to accept this endeavour: News channels often have a problem relaying science topics correctly to a wider audience, but now I am truly impressed by the professionalism of the Research Media team and the procedure to make the articles happen. I would absolutely recommend this to those who have not been involved in this form of dissemination before.
Dr. KarlHeinz Trattner
Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Lab, USA
The institute that I work for is very interdisciplinary and our activities are focussed on research that impacts and meets the needs of our society. When I was contacted by Research Media to discuss my work and the group I coordinate, I saw this as an interesting platform. It allows me to disseminate my research to an audience not addressed by the usual scientific publications.
Group Leader “Ceramic based Composites”
Empa, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology
ICRP is delighted to have been part of International Innovation. As an impressive scientific dissemination publication, with a huge global audience, International Innovation is a great resource for all sectors of the cancer research community. It was the perfect forum to communicate our important international research efforts.

The article will also prove a valuable dissemination tool in its own right and has already been distributed to our members (56 organisations). A link to the article will also be included in the next ICRP newsletter which will be distributed to over 250 organisations worldwide.
Dr Lynne Davies, Operations Manager
International Cancer Research Partnership
The European Heart Network plays a leading role in the prevention and reduction of cardiovascular diseases and communicating its important work to a wider scientific audience is crucial. With its global reach, International Innovation provided the perfect opportunity to showcase the impact of the EHNs work to the international healthcare community. We found the editorial process easy and are very pleased with the final interview.
Susanne Løgstrup, Director, European Heart Network
We used Research Media’s services to boost project results dissemination directed towards a general public and not just the scientific community. We are more than pleased with the service received from Research Media. They have been really helpful and particularly supportive when we could not provide them on time with the requested information. We would definitely recommend Research Media to colleagues. The report has been sent to all project members and a wide number of stakeholders. They have already provided us with a number of positive enquiries.
FP7 Coordinator, Tecnalia, Spain
Research Media contacted me with a view to presenting my work in the International Innovation Journal. I usually disseminate through academic journals, professional organisations and The Medical Research Council across websites and research update publications. I saw this as a tremendous opportunity which would allow me to reach a much larger number of stakeholders internationally than I could ever have dreamed of. Working with Brett and the Research Media team was a pleasure; the staff, although extremely professional, were also very friendly and accommodating of my requests regarding the article. They were well organised and stuck to the agreed schedule even sending helpful reminders. Although many of my colleagues are not yet at the right point in their careers to be doing something similar, I would have no hesitation recommending Research Media as a dissemination partner when they are more established. The end result is a report that looks extremely professional and will thus enable me to project this image to potential collaborators
Dr Helen Fisher
Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London
I was contacted by Research Media with a view to presenting my research in the International Innovation publication. Although not peer reviewed the publication is a credible international science research journal and I had no reservations in working with Brett. The team at Research Media were efficient and maintained open channels of communication during the development of the article. The article offered a non-scientist an in-depth overview of our work in an uncomplicated language. I would happily recommend to other researchers the service offered by Research Media.
Genomics Research Centre
We worked with Research Media in development of a feature for the International Innovation journal. The process was smooth and highly professional, the end result was a high quality article. The article allowed us to approach potential sponsors. For us, the overall benefit of being involved in the journal was complimented by the both high and low resolution versions of our article in electronic format, and the complete copyright over the article.
Dr. Pierre Pluye
I was contacted by Brett Langenberg from Research Media with the proposal to disseminate some of our work through the International Innovation Journal. I was aware of the journal as a colleague of mine had previously worked with Research Media. The timing of the approach was good as we were looking to reach a wider audience of stakeholders. Brett was very thorough in his explanation of the value and benefits of the platform and the process and procedure clearly is designed to accommodate a researcher’s busy schedule as relatively little time investment was required from me. The development of the article was a smooth process and I found the final product very impressive, from the translation of my work into an easily readable article to the graphics and images that make the article visually appealing. I have since recommended Research Media to another colleague and he will also be moving forward with an article. The team at Research Media were accommodating, polite and efficient. They understood what I wanted to achieve and the end result is a great article that will help us raise the profile of our work and I am sure will also lead to future collaborations.
Project Coordinator
Africa Research Centre, South Africa
The decision to work with Research Media was a simple one to make, International Innovation is an internationally recognized publication and I was delighted to have my work featured. The editorial process was explained in depth but was actually much easier than I had anticipated. Having a dedicated team of editors, scientific journalists and designers to produce my article resulted in a very efficient and precise process. At a number of stages I was consulted to ensure my article was to my expectations and nothing was finalised without my full approval. This resulted in an enjoyable, understandable and informative article that will have an impact in the scientific world as well as helping me with my outreach efforts to connect with a more general audience. A huge benefit in also receiving the copyrights of my article will allow me to use this for a long time to come, this will make a great handout at the conferences and exhibitions I attend. The final product was far beyond my expectations and my editorial team were great at working with me to put across a message to give me the international recognition I required.
Earth and Space Research Institute, USA
Working with Research Media was a delight. Their professionalism and attention to detail is first class, and their ability to draw together relevant content exemplifies their deep understanding of research and innovation matters. I highly recommend Research Media as an open access publisher.
Dr. Rado Faletic
Executive Director, Forum for European-Australian Science and Technology cooperation - FEAST
Our collaboration with International Innovation has provided us with a fantastic dissemination tool with which to engage a wider, more public audience. As well as the exposure that Research Media delivered with their distribution, we were also given recommendations about how to use the article for further dissemination opportunities. The interview has been used in a news article that is now publically available on the Internet and the full PDF version is available to our members on the restricted area of our website. All in all we are very pleased with the outcome of this collaboration.
Steffi Friedrichs, Director General, Nanotechnology Industries Association
Preparation of the report was very helpful in bringing our multidisciplinary team together around a common vision and statement of our findings for a general audience. The report will be a key piece disseminated as part of upcoming knowledge transfer activities (in particular aimed at service providers and decision makers who will be a position to apply our findings). We felt the publication represented good value for money. The editorial approach of inviting several of our researchers to respond individually to a set of common questions was very helpful for a multidisciplinary team of extremely busy people. The service was excellent and well structured. We would highly recommend International Innovation as an excellent outlet for Knowledge Translation activities - It was also great to see the publication being distributed electronically to my colleagues and peers.
Dr. Thomas Haig
The University of Victoria Centre on Aging were invited to collaborate with International Innovation magazine – and we were delighted with the results. The process was very professional, and the final article looks amazing. We shall be sharing the publication with our affiliates, as well as highlighting the article in our various campus publications. We look forward to future collaborations.
University of Victoria Centre on Aging
It has already been a success for us. We have submitted the article to over 400 customers, with a lot of positive feedback. It is important for us to show our customers that we are committed to product development.
Knut-Egil Lkling, PHARMAQ AS
I spoke with my research officer from the EC and she expressed her appreciation of the dissemination of the project results in the publication. Also the distribution of the report to wide audience will help to better disseminate the project both in national and broad European area. I was happy with the International Innovation service. The process of preparing the publications went smoothly. The staff was helpful, understanding and supportive. The journal was also very flexible for accepting changes suggested by us. I have already recommended Research Media!
FP7 Project Coordinator
University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria
I am very pleased with the results, as were my Program Officers at the National Science Foundation
Associate Professor, University of Vermont, USA
We have worked before with Research Media and we are consistently happy because of two main reasons: the ratio of price and the results generated
Project Manager, Universidade de Lisboa
As a result of the publication we were contacted by an Italian Agency press for an interview and then the results of our research have now appeared worldwide. I am very happy. The service has been very professional. It has already helped a lot. I would recommend Research Media and the publication for the professionalism and for the visibility of the magazine outside the methods that we (professors) usually employ for dissemination.
Project Coordinator, Universita' di Roma, Italy
My experience with Research Media was very positive : It perfectly served the dissemination purpose of the programme and the publication can be further used as a high-quality support document. The Research Media team has been very professional, efficient, as well as available and interactive, during the whole process and has very well matched our requests. I recommend their services.
Project Coordinator
European Commission Joint Research Centre
We had a good experience with the cooperation, the people we worked with were always helpful, friendly and patient. Hopefully the article will help us target new sources of funding for the project we are planning as a follow-up to the existing one. I will definitely recommend you to colleagues. We found the product we got out of the cooperation both useful and well worth the money we paid for it.
Project Coordinator
University of Gothenberg
Our work and experience with Research Media has been nothing short of excellent. The dissemination of CIRCLE-2 and of our funded projects through International Innovation provides the kind of high quality outreach every international project aims at. I can only recommend the top quality work of Nick Brake, Sarah Anderson and everybody else at Research Media.
CIRCLE-2 Project
Research Media does an exceptional job in disseminating fundamental research. The whole team of Research Media I was in contact with is very friendly and highly professional. Research Media has a clear concept in how to dissiminate European level research projects and is very clear about this from the beginning, but remains highly flexible with respect to the specific content and choice of presentation. Working together with Research Media has been a highly satisfying and stimulating experience. I was particularly impressed by their high professionalism and willingness to work truly towards a joint product between journalists and scientists. I never had the feeling to be left out in decisions or that the research was misinterpreted or put out of proportion or out of context. The final product is of exceptional high quality and I can wholeheartedly recommend anyone interested in an efficient and high quality dissimination of research to work together with Research Media.
Research Leader
Your publication is with no doubt a remarkable and respected one, and we felt certainly honoured and proud to have a place in such a quality journal. The Minister and all his senior staff were very much satisfied with the final result – Minister Hershkowitz even published the link to the interview in his own Facebook wall… – and we are confident that the message the Minister intended to deliver through this interview will reach large audiences of scientists, researchers, policy makers and opinion formers throughout Europe and beyond.
Daniel Hershkowitz
Minister for Research and Technology, State of Israel
It was a pleasure to work with all of you. We are confident that the publication will contribute to helping the project engage other stakeholders and other organizations interested in the project. We would definitely recommend the service since we are very satisfied
Laboratorio Biologia Molecular, Nutrición y Biotecnologia, Spain
I thought this would be a good occasion for our collaborative project to be known by companies working in our field, the service was serious and efficient, the procedure to follow was clear since the beginning. This has definitely helped us to make contact with new scientists and to extend our collaborative partnerships to apply to future European networks.
Université de Rouen, France
We undertook this activity as we were looking for wide promotion and new partners for cooperation. I was very happy with the service I received from Research Media. Especially with its timeliness and appropriateness. I am sure the report produced by Research Media will have a positive impact on improving the efficiency of our project dissemination due to its wide outreach. I would recommend Research Media to my colleagues. Thanks to it, they too could reach such a wide audience.
FP7 project Coordinator
Institute of Genetics, Poland
I was completely happy with Research Media, everything went as promised during the negotiations. Good timing. Good networking between different teams – financial, drafting, design...We feel very much that the publication will help the overall dissemination of the project.
FP7 project Coordinator
University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria
We needed to create strong PR on the projects we are conducting, both for our department & University as well as the key Stakeholders in Industry. I think it is an excellent service you provide. Very fast and efficient feedback. I was also impressed about the knowledge you have on food and Biotechnology. It was a very positive experience to create the article. I think we have now created a flying start, and the follow up on the dissemination will be much easier. The message to the partners is also crystal clear that the dissemination is crucial. My colleagues are very impressed, so I may not have to do a lot for a recommendation!
Project Manager
Technical University of Denmark
I would highly recommend this process for other scientists who want fair and balanced media coverage with excellent translation and packaging of the implications of their work for the lay public.
Director, Center for Human Nutrition Research Metabolism Core Laboratory
University of Colorado-Denver
We had a very good experience of working with you and would recommend you to others. You were excellent in my opinion: very helpful, constructive and easy to work with, providing an excellent and efficient service and good value for money
We have received the publication and without any exception we are very happy with the final result. We are now using the publication as a basic component of our communication plan as it contains, in a very well written article, all the information we consider important to disseminate our objectives, results, team work and expectations. The involvement, feedback, expertise and professionalism of Research Media has been impeccable. For us the recommendation of your services to our colleagues will be a must and hope to collaborate with you again.
Scientific Director (Coordinator)
Sweden Diagnostic S.L
Working with Research Media has been an incredible experience, all the staff from the company have always been very constructive and the final publication looked great. The publication had a positive impact on the promotion of the SASMIT project. The project team members were exceptionally happy with the work and I would definitely like to recommend working with Research Media. It has been a pleasure to work with you.
SASMIT project
I appreciate the opportunity to work with you – a five-star experience. I’m recommending Research Media to other colleagues with leading-edge research projects.
CAML Project
It was a very good experience to be involved in International Innovation and a pleasure to work with Sarah Anderson and everybody else from Research Media Ltd.. The whole process, the interview, writing and revision went really well and smoothly and the communication was rather easy and straight forward. The impact, feedback and response to my article has been very positive from my peers who received the publication, I can only recommend this experience!
Working with ResearchMedia Ltd. helped us to efficiently solve academic and commercial communication to a wide audience not attainable through the traditional channels of knowledge transfer. The people at ResearchMedia were very helpful and provided fast support in producing text and selecting pictures. We can recommend the company for anyone who wishes to realise rapid publication of insights and perspectives of projects by the European Commission.
Intellimaze Project
“Extremely smooth and professional process. I would recommend Research Media to any of my colleagues
Dr. Dennis R. Livesay
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
We received the copies of Int’l. Innovation and are pleased with our feature, as well as impressed with the entire publication and we look forward to the increased exposure to the international research community that International Innovation will provide.
Prof. Karen Cook
It has been a pleasure for IAT to work with Research Media and publish an article on the MED-IPPC-NET project in the International Innovation magazine. During these months of joint work they have proved their professionalism and wide experience in making the best of project dissemination. In addition, the distribution of the magazine across the whole Europe has very much contributed to spread project results and enhance its impact. Project partners are very satisfied with the final result and will from now on make use of the article as a main dissemination tool in their daily project activities. We would definitely recommend Research Media to any other organization wishing to enhance the dissemination of their R&D& Innovation activities.
It has been a pleasure to work with Research Media. The journal International Innovation is a very useful initiative; working with the journal staff has been very effective, and the final result has been very satisfactory and very high quality. The outcome of the contribution illustrating the role and status of EBA in the scenario of climate change and of research in one of the most extreme environment of the planet has been excellent. We have been approached by many journalists and TV programs, which asked for further details. Also the President of the Italian CNR and the Director of our Institute (who, for the first time, has asked us for a seminar on this issue) have clearly expressed their interest. We look forward to further collaboration with International Innovation.
EBA Project
The team at Research Media worked quickly and efficiently when communicating and producing a representative article for the MICRODIS Project. We were very satisfied with the results and feel that the article and dissemination report added value to our project’s promotional platform. The design and layout was very well done and the enormous amount of information contained in the project was accurately captured in summary for the article text. The team was always available and provided rapid modifications based on our feedback to reach the desired output. We would gladly consider working with Research Media and their capable staff on similar outputs in the future.
Project Manager