Regional Research

International Innovation Regional Research is dedicated to showcasing research that is being undertaken within individual geographic areas. With discrete editions focusing on Asia-Pacific, Latin America, The Nordics, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, each version features articles and project analysis from the region’s most influential funding agencies, universities, research institutes, NGO’s, government agencies and groups.

Research Media has well established and close relationships with leading research councils and academic organisations, meaning this unique report is able to provide exclusive insight into the most important issues and research being conducted within a specific region by featuring unbiased interviews with the leading political, research and NGO figures. These interviews seek to address the key developments in research, current collaborative activities and regional knowledge transfer. The publication also showcases the key opportunities for future collaboration and participation in Framework Programme projects.

By far the highest quality publication in its sector, International Innovation Regional Research is produced in both physical and digital format and reaches the wider research community; from the research funders and academic sector, end users and stakeholders to leading scientists and global policy makers.

Professor Dr Gerd Folkers, Vice President of the Swiss Science and Innovation Council

  In an exciting interview with International Innovation, Professor Dr Gerd Folkers, Vice President of the Swiss Science and Innovation Council, discusses the...

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Professor Thierry Courvoisier, President, Swiss Academy of Arts and Sciences

The Swiss Academy of Arts and Sciences has grown out of a desire to facilitate effective dialogue between science, society and politics. In an interview with International...

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Professor Tan Chorh Chuan, President, National University of Singapore

Professor Tan Chorh Chuan reveals to International Innovation NUS’ aim to be not just a global leader in education and research but a global university, offering...

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Antonia Maioni, President of the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences

With its origins dating back to 1940, the Federation represents a long-standing tradition of academic excellence. In this enlightening interview, President Antonia...

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Dr John Hoe, President, Asian Society of Cardiovascular Imaging

Formed in 2007, the Society has been dedicated to effective practice, research, education and training in the field of cardiovascular imaging for over seven years....

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Caspar Peek, Representative for Thailand and Country Director for Malaysia, United Nations Population Fund

In an interview with International Innovation, Caspar Peek outlines the key challenges facing sexual and reproductive healthcare and rights in Thailand, explaining...

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Professor Robin Batterham, Advisory Board Member, Connecting Australian European Science and Innovation Excellence

CAESIE paves the way for innovative projects and networks between researchers and industry in Australia and Europe. As former Australian Chief Scientist, with extensive...

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A cross-continental collaboration

University of Strathclyde, UK, and New York University (NYU), USA, officially joined forces when they signed a partnership agreement on Monday 30 June. Sir Jim...

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Miles Ayling, Director, Innovation for NHS England

After moving into the Department of Health in 1999 and undertaking a number of jobs in primary care, Miles Ayling worked on the reconfiguration of strategic health...

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Dr Thomas Cerny, President, Oncosuisse

Switzerland is a country with a strong tradition of excellence in medical research; nevertheless it still faces challenges. Here, Swiss Cancer Organization President...

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